Technical Info


Some information about the technical aspects of what I do:

I gave up on records years ago. While I continue to be nostalgic for them, they’re not particularly practical. My music collection lives entirely on my computer, and as a result I can have instant access to many thousands of songs at every event. I never have to be selective about what I bring to any party - I always have my entire collection with me.

A contract with me includes a basic PA, which sounds great for any average-sized wedding or event. This system includes a couple of microphones for announcements, and all the necessary hardware to make it happen. I will require an electrical outlet somewhere near where I’ll be set up, but can provide everything else from that point.

If your event is in an unusually large space or you’re looking for a really substantial sound experience, I’m happy to help you arrange for any size system (literally) you could want  for an additional fee. I have a relationship with an audio company that provides sound systems for international touring acts (including Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and others), and they can put together a system to suit any venue.   


“She worked with us to find out exactly also what we DID NOT want played at all, which was huge for us...In short, she was absolutely all that we could have hoped for and more."


married 6/3/2012